Who we are

True Beacon is a creative brand development firm that passionately helps open-minded people feel confident and improve their business in measurable ways. We accomplish this by using a process we designed to help define your brand and diagnose any problem areas in your business. Then we work with you to create strategies and help you execute on them. Our firm is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but we work remotely as well.

What is "brand development"?

We define "brand" as the subconscious and conscious feelings a customer has when they think about your business or product. It is not just a logo or visual representation, but everything that you put out as a company. You know what you have to offer is good, but your customers may not. We help align what you know about your business and what your customer feels about your brand. Whether you are a new startup or your brand has been around for generations we can help you grow and shape it. That is what we call brand development.


To have the most impact with your marketing, at any budget, it should be focused and well planned. We help you strategically define what your brand is and then implement marketing, focused on sharing the vision of your brand. By focusing our efforts the work becomes exponentially more efficient which allows us to deliver a more effective product. We view each project as a partnership and we really treat it that way. Our success as a firm and our brand depends on us positioning our clients for success.

Web Development

At True Beacon, we don't build the website for you; we build it with you for your customer. The experience we create is focused on the customer from start to finish, providing the best experience for your users. We specialize in custom designed websites that are coded specifically for compatability. Our sites will display correctly on any device, at any size. Try resizing your browser window to test this site if you are on a computer, or rotate your mobile device.

Graphic Design

With our graphic design expertise, we will take your idea from concept to finished product. We use the latest Adobe software to create your logo, icons, or info graphics. We work in vectors so no matter what size you want to make your image, it will never look blurry or pixelated. Business card or billboard - it will be just as sharp. We will make sure your brand is well represented.


Please contact us with any inquiries. We will set up an initial meeting to plan out your project. We strongly believe in setting a clear outline and timeline for each project, so you can focus on what is important to you, while ensuring we create the best product possible. We look forward to growing your brand with you.